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It’s almost conference time!

OK, we are getting close to conference time and we have some housekeeping details that we would like to pass on to you now. You will probably want to refer to them again later!

The front doors of the hotel are located on Smithfield Street but that is not where the Valet Parking is located due to city ordinances that they hope will be changing soon  (not before the conference). The Valet Parking is located on Sixth Avenue on the side of the building, which is the corner of Smithfield and Sixth. Please look […]

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Directions, Traffic and One Way Streets

 In Randall’s absence…” description=”Randall has been enjoying sunsets in Florida all week. In the absence of BlogMaster RP, here are some important details on getting to the Ware Center.


Yes, Randall is working on his tan and watching Sunsets after all his working on the house this year. Please forgive the not so funny blog about getting to the Ware Center. (picture credit: Randall Presswood)

I (Cathy) will be sending out more information over the weekend. Make me feel good by reading it and passing it on to anyone that may need […]

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