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Time to Register

You may not know this, but I am obsessed with numbers, stats and time. I panic if I think I will be late for anything and like to help others not suffer as I do, by reminding them of deadlines and other important dates and times.

I am writing now, to help you remember two upcoming important dates (that I have conveniently made into one date)..

Early Registration Discount and the Last day of the Hotel Block end on May 9th. 

The cost of the conference is only $175 until May 9th. The regular conference registration is $200. Register Now […]

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MAPAM State of Mind

By BlogMaster RP


It was suggested that I should attach a “glam” shot to my blogs – like our esteemed president, Ms. Kendall did with her blog (not to say that Ms. Kendall’s picture was a “glam” shot. I’m certain she looks just that perfect each and every day when she enters her office.)

Well … here you go.   This is me, glamourous isn’t it!  OK, we’ll talk about the glam part later. Because the real point of this Blog is: “How Do You Prepare For A Conference?”

If you’ve had the pleasure of sitting with me […]

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Directions, Traffic and One Way Streets

 In Randall’s absence…” description=”Randall has been enjoying sunsets in Florida all week. In the absence of BlogMaster RP, here are some important details on getting to the Ware Center.


Yes, Randall is working on his tan and watching Sunsets after all his working on the house this year. Please forgive the not so funny blog about getting to the Ware Center. (picture credit: Randall Presswood)

I (Cathy) will be sending out more information over the weekend. Make me feel good by reading it and passing it on to anyone that may need […]

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Randall’s Rails and Rants

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OK, OK.  Maybe a couple of you have figured it out, but for the rest of you — lets talk about Spring 2015, Bedford Springs Resort. We talked about a lot back then. But what was the other project I was […]

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