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Steps, Showcases, Registration

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OK friends…I recently read a letter to the PA Presenter’s group from our esteemed president, Laura Kendall.   it was a great letter, complete with a terrific picture of our new president, Ms. Kendall. I was inspired when I read it…and immediately jumped on my computer (read phone) to go on line and registered for the upcoming MAPAM conference (read, asked administrator Cathy Little to sign me up). As exciting as the information was; and as motivational as the message is (after all, it moved me to action);  all I could really think was: “what the heck man! Why is Ms. Kendall writing a letter to my PAP buds? Why am I not writing this letter?” I think everyone knows there is one on-line voice for PAP: one clever award winning blogger; one instigater of interest for PA Presenters Conferences —and HE was not the person writing the letter!

I will not lie. Tears were shed. A bad word or two were uttered. (I mean, I had previously poured my soul into my relationship with my readers. They were able to learn so much about me. And now unceremoniously dropped. I dug into my vey soul — did I somehow offend my readers?  Did they not really care about my thoughts and life events? Why did they not ask ME to write a letter to the membership? So what choice did I have, but to sit down and put pen in hand (so to speak). And here we are…
unfinished steps


When last we spoke, there were so many things left unresolved. Take for instance my front staircase. When you last heard from me, I was deep into refinishing the contractor steps in the front entrance to my home. This is another level of my “empty nesting”. You see, once my kiddos had left the house for their own lives, I discovered that the house they grew up in had taken a bit of a beating and was in need of some tender loving care. So for some crazy reason — I chose to start about 12 projects all at the same time. My wife will tell you that there was a time where every single room in the house was involved in some sort of project. She didn’t like it…who can blame her.

Now, I had good intentions. But clearly bit off more than I could chew. Eventually she had to reign me in. So the steps become a priority. When last we spoke, I was on a deadline. I can tell you now, I missed that deadline.  And not by just a few hours or a couple of days.  But months. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Maybe it’s an affliction — “fearofcompletionitis”.


But alas, all is not lost. There IS a light at the end of the tunnel! You see, I did complete this Afterproject! (well mostly anyway). I’ve asked our administrator, Ms. Catherine Little to attach a couple of before and after pictures to this post. I would embed them here in this story — but quite frankly I don’t know how to do that. I’m old you know.

Anyway, the steps look good, yes? Here is the low down. It took 250 individual cuts of trim to complete the project (I counted them). Each cut with at least one beveled edge. Many with two beveled edges and a few with compound bevels. I had to purchase 2 tools that I did not previously own. But I can tell you, this job could not have been done without these new state of the art fancy, really cool tools. Not even by Ron Underhill. The steps are (mostly) finished. However, the adjacent walls still need to be repainted. Once again, I am on deadline. The kids are coming home next week and my wife, Nancy, recently said, “it would be nice to have the wall finished and the new pictures of the kiddos with their significant others hanging neatly on the wall.” I have a week. I think I’ll make it. Though I can’t guarantee the house won’t smell of fresh paint when the kids open the front door.


So what’s the point of all of this you say? I have no idea. But I couldn’t let Ms. Kendall be the only letter you got to read this season. Well, really, there is a point (I think). Each day when I walk up these steps I think to myself. “hey, not bad dude” (or something like that). As I climb each step and see the collection of steps behind me, I can absolutely appreciate the hours of hard work and determination and deliberation involved in (mostly) completing  this project. You know, just like the work we did on selecting the showcase participants for the upcoming MAPAM conference!


I mean, have you seen that list of artist?!? MAPAM will feature 5 showcase opportunities with various artists presenting at each showing. We even have a showcase in the back of a packing truck (Bridgman|Packer Dance). The back of a truck!  Wow. these showcases are full of great talent and opportunities — You’ll be able to see Koresh Dance; Lehrer Dance; John Doyle, guitarist and The New York Gilbert and Sullivan Players!  The Phantom himself will be here when Franc D’Ambrosio takes the stage.  We’ll have the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus; The Campbell Brothers, Twin Kennedy; Sebastien Lepine, and direct from Cirque du Soliel’s KA, Miss Shana Tucker will be presented!  And really, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Folks, this is a showcase schedule not to be missed! Much like my steps, each showcase is just as spectacular as the one before it and the one after it.
Robin Zaremski and her committee did a great job putting these showcases together. But we can’t forget the agents, managers and artists who were nominated to fill this terrific slate.  Now here is the important part — there are just 4 days left to grab your early bird registration (and after looking at this list of showcases, I would suggest you jump onto your computer and register today).  Don’t miss the opportunity to see these great shows and to sit down one-on-one for some real time with the agents and sponsors of this (new) great conference.   If you weren’t able to get to the regional conferences — or didn’t get what you needed from those weeks, then be sure to join us in Lancaster for the 2nd edition of Mid-Atlantic Performing Arts Market.
Everything is conviently laid out for you on our website. Just follow the conference tabs and get registered today!  You won’t regret the decision….and no new tools are required (not even the fancy ones)!
P.S.  —  I know you are all remembering now that there were other projects in Randall’s life that were left unfinished when last we communicated through this site. Rest easy my friends, I have a strong suspicion more words of Randall’s Reflections of Wisdom and Rants are coming soon … I promise. Just keep your eye on this site!