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Randall’s Rails and Rants

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OK, OK.  Maybe a couple of you have figured it out, but for the rest of you — lets talk about Spring 2015, Bedford Springs Resort. We talked about a lot back then. But what was the other project I was working on when last we spoke? We’ve already re-visited  my front entrance staircase. (BTW…it’s 10:30pm as I write this, and the paint can for the stair wall is starring me down! I’m about to open it and paint the wall.  Kids arrive tomorrow at 5pm…plenty of time!)  So what else was there? Well we had discussed the deck rails and the need to complete that project. I’m afraid I have to tell you that things got a little out of hand since we first discussed that project. You see, the railing was a simple little rail securing the ‘bump-out’ that I added to the upper deck/pergola. The upper deck is 75 sq ft of space, seven feet above ground level with a full pergola railingoverhead.  To preserve the living space, I wanted to move the new-fangled radiant heat grill out of the way. I cantilevered a small bump out — and this is what needed the railing.

Not so difficult, right?  It certainly doesn’t look too complicated.  Well it wasn’t.  Except — as things have it —  a SECOND project reared it’s ugly head in the middle of this little railing. That project was a 200 sq ft hardscape patio at ground level. hardscapeYou see, I needed a space to place the new fire pit/table (s’mores season is coming soon you know). Well, the problem is that after seeing the new hardscape adjacent to the upper deck/pergola; the mid deck just didn’t cut it anymore. It was 16 years of weathered PT pine, and just needed to be upgraded.  The mid-deck was 275 sq ft. So I stripped the deck to the joists, added 100 more sq ft of living space and re-layed the flooring boards in a chevron pattern with a staggered herringbone layout. So now, of course, I needed a new rail for the (larger) deck! A lot of railing. So much railing. So here it is, late summer 2016, and I’m still working on this crazy railing. But I’m close! And like the staircase – it looks damn good! deck But as they are so fond of saying on GOT, “winter is coming”. I need to work harder and get this crazy project done (after all, there is the master bath project looming over my head…complete with the very expensive art mirrors that Nancy and I have already purchased).

So what are you running out of time to do?  Could it be early registration for PA Presenter’s MAPAM conference November 1-3?  Ahh yes.  I think I’ve hit the nail-on-the-head, to turn a  phrase. Because TODAY is the last day for you to meet early registration. Now don’t get me wrong…if you WANT to pay extra to attend the second edition of MAPAM, you’re certainly welcome to do so. But really, why not just beat the deadline and do it today. You have until 11:59pm…but as soon as you read this might be a better time to get it done. Just click here. It’s just that easy.  Much easier than adding 300 sq ft of outdoor living space and finding the most complicated way to finish it off with a complex railing. Trust me I know. But here’s the important part — if you want to see how this deck project turns out, and what the first drink is that I will toast on it— you have to be at MAPAM 2016. I will not post pictures of the deck on this site, and will not tell you of further deck escapades unless I see you in Lancaster. I’ll be there…won’t you join me. Get your early registration TODAY and let’s talk about Randall’s Railings. You can buy the drinks!