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By BlogMaster RP


It was suggested that I should attach a “glam” shot to my blogs – like our esteemed president, Ms. Kendall did with her blog (not to say that Ms. Kendall’s picture was a “glam” shot. I’m certain she looks just that perfect each and every day when she enters her office.)

Well … here you go.   This is me, glamourous isn’t it!  OK, we’ll talk about the glam part later. Because the real point of this Blog is: “How Do You Prepare For A Conference?”

If you’ve had the pleasure of sitting with me after a day of meetings and sharing an adult beverage(s), you’ve probably been privy to one or two of my life philosophies.  These gems took their foothold in my psyche during my very important,  early impressionable years.  You know, ages 5-17.  Now remember, I was reared in the Mid-West…God’s promised land…where all things true and rightous begin.  I spent a lot of formulative years in my neighborhood Southern Baptist Church; and especially with the children’s and youth groups. I guess in a (failed) effort to keep us wholesome and pure, the church would provide youth and young person’s activities during the heat of the summer months. This of course would keep us off the streets and our minds away from that demon activity — dancing!

One of the common activities during my early middle school years was the physical game of Red Rover.   For those of you that don’t know, Red Rover was a kind of “cowboys & Indians” game. One side would kidnap the other side and imprision them until there were no more opponents.  You would divide into two teams and form straight lines about 50′ from each other….preferably on a hill.  Each line would hold hands. The object was to call someone’s name from the opposing side — “Red Rover, Red Rover…send Laura right over”.  And ‘Laura’ would come running to the opposite side.  Her charge was to break thru the line of clasped hands.  If successful, she would kidnap someone from the line and take them back as her prisoner.  If un-successful, she became the prisoner of the line, and now joined their hands to win the game. And so it would go, back and forth, back and forth.

Now, I became a legend at Red Rover.  I would employ my best Deon Sanders move and cut and turn at the last moment so I could break through the line where they were least expecting me. And on my line — if I were able to stand next to, and team up with, Robbie Lynn Patrick — well, forget about it.  Robbie and I were unbreakable. An interesting feat since the folks in my neighborhood referred to me as the “skinniest kid they had ever seen…sickly skinny”. Yeah, I know.  Hard to believe now, but it was true. I was scrawny. It wasn’t until my late Jr. High years that I discovered the joys of dead-lifting and became the ‘thrilla of Manilla”. (it was the ’70’s, what can I say?) Robbie was extremely thin as well.   A beautiful smile with deep double dimples.  Her hair flowed golden across her shoulders and she looked just like an 11 year old Farrah Fawcet-Majors (did I mention it was the 70’s?)   Anyway, RLP & RLP (get it), were the unbeatable duo.  Teams worked hard to keep us apart.  But we would get back together and work our magic.   It was kind of like that through my entire high school years.   Robbie and I would often be together — but never romantic.   I don’t know why, really.   I think maybe there was just too much history there and I was afraid to explore it anyfurther.  But back to Red Rover….

When I prepare for a conference I often import my philosophies of Red Rover play — Deception, Confusion, Intimidation. That’s how you break through the line. That’s how you take all prisoners. That’s how you stand firm and fast.

When you ready yourself for a conference, you could prepare like I do most conferences— and work in my office unitl about 90 minutes past the time I was supposed to leave…then fight traffic and arrive 3 hours after the estimated time of arrival, only to find my friends Patrick and Helen have grown weary of waiting for me and have gone off to their own night on the town, leaving me to sit lonely and afraid in my cold hotel room.   Or you could  prepare like I manage to every once in a while…by leaving the office a day early, arriving at the hotel before any other conference attendees and sit lonely and huddled in a corner of your cold hotel room until everyone else arrives at approximatley 1pm the following afternoon.

Or — you could prepare as I have for this conference…by flying down to the West Coast of Florida for a week of doing almost nothing (other than taking that earlier glam shot).  Here are three shots of me preparing for the MAPAM conference over the past week



Yes friends. I am prepared. I am prepared to conquer. I am prepated to break thru the line of resistance and take prisoner my thoughts and plans for a successful 2017/18! How about you? How did you prepare? Whatever your method or inspiration, be it a childhood game or a childhood adoration, I hope it drives you to be successful as well this November 1, 2 and 3 in Lancaster, PA. And if you’re not prepared, or (gasp) have not yet registered for MAPAM 2016; well, fear not. The gang at PA Presenters will still make it all work for you. Whether you register in advance or on site — for the full conference or for a day…you’re sure to find something at MAPAM to fill your bucket of needs for your upcoming season. So just show up…the rest will just fall into place, even if you didn’t prepare in advance.

Oh yeah…that glam thing…if you want to know more — find me and bring me an adult beverage.  I’ve got another story for you!