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Let’s talk about the Conference

Let’s talk about the 2017 PA Spring Arts Conference

The Room Block ends May 9th. Reserve your room today! http://embassysuites.hilton.com/en/es/groups/personalized/P/PITSMES-PP1-20170607/index.jhtml?WT.mc_id=POG

Reaching to Connect!

After a successful trip to Pittsburgh this week for our PA Presenters Southwest Regional Meeting (It was GREAT to see everyone there!) and our board meeting/site visit to the Embassy Suites, I wanted to blog about a piece of art that I found in Mount Washington and how I thought it was a perfect tie-in to our conference in June.

This bronze statue, Points of View, sits high on Grand View Scenic Byway overlooking “The Point” where the three rivers meet in Pittsburgh. It was created by James A. West and dedicated in 2006. This beautiful piece depicts a meeting that took place in 1770 between George Washington and Seneca leader Guyasuta. They had met years before in 1754 to discuss the French occupation at Ft. LeBoeuf.  The Seneca wanted them to leave the region but those talks failed and the French & Indian War erupted soon afterwards. First allies, and then opposing sides in that war, the two veterans sat down again 16 years later to revisit the past and talk about the future of the region. This time they parted on friendly terms.

Throughout the history of mankind, communication has been necessary and crucial to moving forward with every aspect of life. Even before there were words, our ancestors reached out to one another and created communities. Today, in our complicated modern world it is even more crucial to continue reaching out to each other – even if we have different points of view. We build different kinds of communities now and share our thoughts and ideas to hopefully make our world a better place. Obviously, with Reaching to Connect as our theme for the conference, we are focusing on the relationships that we build within our professional community. The more we reach out, the more we learn – about our industry and about ourselves.

There were a lot of people at the regional meeting this past week who I had never met and there were also some old friends too. I love taking a break from my duties at Pitt-Bradford to meet new people, talk about our ups and downs, our challenges and successes, and discuss new ideas and/or collaborations. It revitalizes me for when I go back to my office. This is what the Spring Conference is all about! Pittsburgh is such a beautiful city that has so much rich history, culture and culinary treasures. I hope that you will join us at the conference to build some new professional relationships, see some old friends and experience what Pittsburgh has to offer!!

And again, please Book Your Room NOW – The block is filling up. Also –  early conference registration discounts end on April 30th!

Points of View