It’s almost conference time!

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It’s almost conference time!

OK, we are getting close to conference time and we have some housekeeping details that we would like to pass on to you now. You will probably want to refer to them again later!

The front doors of the hotel are located on Smithfield Street but that is not where the Valet Parking is located due to city ordinances that they hope will be changing soon  (not before the conference). The Valet Parking is located on Sixth Avenue on the side of the building, which is the corner of Smithfield and Sixth. Please look at the photos for reference. The best address for your GPS is 328 Sixth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15222. If you come down Sixth Avenue and the valet parking is on your left – you can’t pull in, continue to Liberty Avenue – about 1 ½ blocks and turn right onto Liberty Avenue. Go one block and turn right onto Wood Street. Go one block to the light and you are back to Sixth Avenue – you just went around the block. Turn left onto Sixth Avenue and head back towards the hotel, the valet parking will now be on your right side and you can pull right up to the curb. This is a tested route!

There are also two self-parking garages located right beside the hotel. You can get more information by accessing the links here.

Mellon Garage

Oliver Garage

Additional Garages

Once you enter the building you will see elevators on the both sides of the lobby. One side is for the Embassy and you will see their logo marking the elevators. To register for the conference you can find Cathy on the second floor as you step out of the elevator. If you would like to check in, you can go to the 25th floor where the lobby is located along with the bar, dining area, swimming pool and other fun areas.
Our opening reception takes place on Wednesday evening at the August Wilson Center which is located on Liberty Avenue. When you come out of the front doors of the hotel, turn left on Smithfield Street and go down to Liberty Avenue which is approximately three blocks, turn right and you will see the August Wilson Center on your right. We will be on the second floor! The rest of the conference will take place in the Embassy on the second floor in various spaces.

Also, don’t forget to bring your own bag for your conference items and maybe an extra for a friend – just in case they forget. PA Presenters loves going green! We ordered sunshine with the contract but you might want to bring an umbrella just to ward off any bad weather. Yes, I am superstitious. If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact Cathy at!