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A Plan for Member Awareness and Engagement

Members of PA Presenters talk over lunch

PA Presenters is rededicating its energies to focus on two primary drivers: Increasing membership and increasing participation in industry wide activities with a laser-like focus on our Spring Arts Conference and the Mid-Atlantic Performing Arts Market (MAPAM). Among other things, this includes year-round communication with and support to the full spectrum of our membership.

We fully recognize that we need more presenters at these activities to ensure that agents, managers, and artists as well as presenters attending have greater opportunities to network and develop projects across the full spectrum of our business. We also recognize that we need continued and increased support from agents, managers, and artists to provide our presenter members with the highest level of professional interactions and experiences as possible.

PA Presenters’ President, Robin Zaremski (Ware Center, Lancaster, PA) and Vice President Larry Kosson (Kosson Talent) have mobilized the Board, all of whom have firmly committed themselves to reaching out to members in a variety of ways as outlined below.

  • We have secured the services of two-time past president of PA Presenters and recently retired presenter, Hank Knerr. He and his new venture, Raising Arts, will guide the Board in a variety of pro-active measures to reach past and potential members and sponsors and work to manage this plan.
  • We will conduct at least six regional meetings and focus group sessions in various locations and by conference calls over the next eight months to talk with current, past, and potential members from across Pennsylvania and surrounding states. We want to hear more about what they need from the organization and want to insure they are aware of the opportunities available through their membership.
  • Concurrently, we will meet with colleague organizations such as the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation, Maryland State Arts Council, and other regional, state, and local associated organizations to market PA Presenters to their constituents.
  • We will concentrate on direct contact through personal emails and phone calls to past and potential members.
  • As our priority is member recruitment, we will concentrate first on smaller to mid-size presenters in Pennsylvania and surrounding states who may not have the means to attend a regional or national conference. We will reinforce how they will benefit greatly from a lower-cost experience through membership, attending the Spring Arts Conference and MAPAM, and utilizing the full membership with a variety of other networking opportunities.
  • We will quickly expand our priorities to include organizations of all sizes whose memberships have lapsed over the last five years and those presenters, agents, managers, and artists who may be unaware of how PA Presenters can help them.
  • For MAPAM, we will develop a marketing plan to reach presenters outside our immediate service area.
  • As part of our outreach to agents, managers, and artists, we will seek to discuss what those on the selling side of presenting need from PA Presenters and its presenter members including increased presenter representation at conferences, knowledge of available grants, block booking processes, best practices, additional professional development opportunities, and more.
  • We will utilize survey data recently collected by NAPAMA to better understand what agents, managers, and artists need as well as presenter perceptions, trends, and practices.
  • We will expand our contact list by at least 300 new presenting professionals by securing lists from a variety of sources such as state and regional arts councils and other service organizations.
  • Through the leadership of Board Member Todd Fogdall, President and CEO or the Appell Center for the Performing Arts in York, PA, we are already bringing a renewed energy to our Spring Arts Conference set for June 5-7, 2018. This conference will actively engage all areas of the presenting field in networking opportunities from fireside chats to professional development to a variety of social activities. The retreat, designed to enrich and invigorate, will be held at the Bear Creek Mountain Resort in the Lehigh Valley.
  • MAPAM 2018 (November 8-10) planning is well under way. To be hosted by Robin Zaremksi at Lancaster’s Ware Center, it is being co-chaired by Larry Kosson and Christa Burneff (Hillman Center for the Performing Arts, Pittsburgh).
  • Throughout all this work, one philosophy that will continue to drive us is the undisputable knowledge that meeting people in person at a conference is often what makes us greatly excel in the work we all do. We agree that it is an essential part of business; and it will be our job to convince members how to budget their funds and time to make it happen.

PA Presenters has long been viewed as a leading consortium in the field from being one of the first state presenting organizations 30 years ago to its leadership in creating the Consortium Leaders Network (CLD) during APAP three years ago to its advocating the benefit of human interaction among all areas of the presenting world in and out of the selling environment.It is our plan through the CLD, the innovations brought to the industry through MAPAM and other activities, continued brainstorming through one-on-one connections, and the additional initiatives outlined above to remain a leader in the industry.This is, of course, an ambitious plan and will not happen all at once. We know that. But it is certainly one we feel we can and must accomplish. With the support you and all members provide through your input and participation, PA Presenters will grow and strengthen.

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