Happy Trails…

Hi All,

“Happy Trails to You…..” December 31 will be my last day at PA Presenters. I wish I could have called everyone to let you know in person, but it has been a little busy here prepping the board for their New Year’s adventure. Besides – most of you are busy getting ready for APAP. (The PA Presenters Consortia meeting will be held January 13 at 8am.)

Why am I leaving, you ask? Because it is time.

I have loved working for PA Presenters for 18 years (well – most of the […]

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Pitches have been announced!

The votes are in and have been tallied. The agents and artists tours and special projects that will be pitch, are as follows:

CATAPULT – The Amazing Magic of Shadow Dancing
Chicago Dance Theatre – Unleash The Beats
EVERYTHING FITZ – Canadian Fiddling and Step Dancing
SAN JOSE TAIKO – Rhythm Journey
ELAINE BROMKA – Tea For Three: Lady Bird, Pat and Betty
ZAZ: The Big Easy – SOLE Defined
Penguin Goes to Flight School The Musical – VITAL THEATRE CO
From Purple to Pärt – RIOULT

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NC ArtsMarket invites Presenters from PA

Registration is now open for ArtsMarket! Plan to join us November 6-8 in downtown Durham, NC.

PA Presenters, Presenter Members can attend at member pricing. This waives the member requirement and saves you $50 on the cost of registration. 

Go to http://ncpresenter


register as a guest, and then enter the code PAPRESENTERS during checkout.

For inquires about the registration process, please contact our Registration Coordinator, Dana Livermore at artsmarketreg@gmail.com or call (253) 720-1068 during office hours:
Mondays: 10am-5pm / Wednesdays: 10am-12pm / Fridays: 2pm-5pm

For all exhibition-specific inquiries, please contact Susan […]

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Dine-Arounds – Sign Up Early

Dine-Arounds – Sign Up Early!

There is a lot going on in Pittsburgh Thursday night. Stanley Cup Finals, Three Rivers Arts Festival, regular cultural events…

Dine Around Sign Up

Our Spring Conference Dine-A-Rounds on Thursday night offer six choices of interesting and diverse restaurants led by an enthusiastic PA Presenters’ host!  For those unfamiliar with the concept, the intent is to provide a platform for dinner on-your-own, but shared with colleagues attending the conference.  There’s no agenda or presentation; conversation is casual!  Sign-up sheets are posted online and will be […]

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It’s almost conference time!

OK, we are getting close to conference time and we have some housekeeping details that we would like to pass on to you now. You will probably want to refer to them again later!

The front doors of the hotel are located on Smithfield Street but that is not where the Valet Parking is located due to city ordinances that they hope will be changing soon  (not before the conference). The Valet Parking is located on Sixth Avenue on the side of the building, which is the corner of Smithfield and Sixth. Please look […]

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Fill Your Hungry Belly – Exploring the Burgh, Volume 2

In part two of our exploring Pittsburgh series, we’ll take a closer look at the local dining scene. Most of the restaurants listed below are within walking distance. All walking and driving distances, as well as approximate times, are courtesy of Google Maps.



Wingharts Market Square began as a small counter in Market Square with a simple philosophy: what if you took the preparation practices of a world class fine dining restaurant and applied it to simple “bar” food? Buffalo sauce that uses bacon grease during the emulsification process? Burgers ground seven days a week? […]

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It’s Not Just a Conference – Exploring the Burgh, Volume 1

Pittsburgh skyline with river in the foreground
If you’re traveling to Pittsburgh for this year’s PA Presenters spring conference, you’ll want to check out the sights and sounds of the city during your stay. I’ve put together your three-day events and entertainment itinerary for the Downtown scene. All walking and driving distances, as well as approximate times, are courtesy of Google Maps.

Stay tuned for a post on dining in Pittsburgh. After all, once you’ve had a day filled with adventure, you’ll surely need to wet your whistle and fill your tummy.

So put […]

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Next up – Professional Development!

Now that we have discussed that Pittsburgh is the perfect city for our conference and the Embassy Suites is the perfect venue for all of our sessions, let’s talk about the professional development!

Oliver Building Clock

As you know by now, we are adding something new to this conference and it is the participation by students. Students who are studying to be our future colleagues. We all recognize the importance of mentoring and encouraging the next generation within our industry. It is never too early to start the conversations or create the […]

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Time to Register

You may not know this, but I am obsessed with numbers, stats and time. I panic if I think I will be late for anything and like to help others not suffer as I do, by reminding them of deadlines and other important dates and times.

I am writing now, to help you remember two upcoming important dates (that I have conveniently made into one date)..

Early Registration Discount and the Last day of the Hotel Block end on May 9th. 

The cost of the conference is only $175 until May 9th. The regular conference registration is $200. Register Now […]

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