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Dine-Arounds – Sign Up Early

Dine-Arounds – Sign Up Early!

There is a lot going on in Pittsburgh Thursday night. Stanley Cup Finals, Three Rivers Arts Festival, regular cultural events…

Dine Around Sign Up

Our Spring Conference Dine-A-Rounds on Thursday night offer six choices of interesting and diverse restaurants led by an enthusiastic PA Presenters’ host!  For those unfamiliar with the concept, the intent is to provide a platform for dinner on-your-own, but shared with colleagues attending the conference.  There’s no agenda or presentation; conversation is casual!  Sign-up sheets are posted online and will be […]


Time to Register

You may not know this, but I am obsessed with numbers, stats and time. I panic if I think I will be late for anything and like to help others not suffer as I do, by reminding them of deadlines and other important dates and times.

I am writing now, to help you remember two upcoming important dates (that I have conveniently made into one date)..

Early Registration Discount and the Last day of the Hotel Block end on May 9th. 

The cost of the conference is only $175 until May 9th. The regular conference registration is $200. Register Now […]

Board Effective February 1, 2017

We write this post to Thank Laura Kendall for her service on the board as president and as host of the Mid-Atlantic Performing Arts Market in 2014 and 2016. Good luck in Omaha and your future endeavors. Laura’s last Pennsylvania Presenters day is January 31.


Congratulations and thank you to Robin Zaremski our new Board President. Robin will be finishing Laura’s term as President, which ends in June 2018.

We are taking nominations for new board members and a new Vice President. Please send interest or nominations to

As reported by the MU Arts Newsletter – The information below was sent as […]

MAPAM State of Mind

By BlogMaster RP


It was suggested that I should attach a “glam” shot to my blogs – like our esteemed president, Ms. Kendall did with her blog (not to say that Ms. Kendall’s picture was a “glam” shot. I’m certain she looks just that perfect each and every day when she enters her office.)

Well … here you go.   This is me, glamourous isn’t it!  OK, we’ll talk about the glam part later. Because the real point of this Blog is: “How Do You Prepare For A Conference?”

If you’ve had the pleasure of sitting with me […]

Directions, Traffic and One Way Streets

 In Randall’s absence…” description=”Randall has been enjoying sunsets in Florida all week. In the absence of BlogMaster RP, here are some important details on getting to the Ware Center.


Yes, Randall is working on his tan and watching Sunsets after all his working on the house this year. Please forgive the not so funny blog about getting to the Ware Center. (picture credit: Randall Presswood)

I (Cathy) will be sending out more information over the weekend. Make me feel good by reading it and passing it on to anyone that may need […]

Hotel Block Ends October 24

Hotel Block Ends October 24

Hotel Lancaster
26 East Chestnut Street, Lancaster , PA 17602
$109/night plus tax
Discounted parking in adjacent parking garage
Free internet
Free continental breakfast
Call 717-394-0900 for reservations. Be sure to mention PA Presenters/Mid-Atlantic Performing Arts Market for block rate. Reservations by phone only. It’s Tuesday. I’m sitting here watching This Is Us. I’m inspired to take pen to paper (finger to keyboard, as it were). So here we go…

bedThis Is My Bed. Look closely…there is a remote control laying in the middle. The remote is for the bed. It raises…it lowers…it inclines…it has […]

It Ain’t Easy Being Green…

It Ain’t Easy Being Green… By Randall Presswood.
From arts to garbage and back to arts again – and keeping it green.

I know you all will find this hard to believe…I sometimes marvel at it myself! Hard as it is to accept, I haven’t always lived and worked in Pennsylvania. Yeah, right?!  In fact, way back in the mid 80’s, I worked in up-state New York for the SUNY system of higher education.  The weather always sucked (sorry  SUNY – but it did), so I knew I was not going to spend forever under the dreary grey skies of upstate […]

Randall’s Rails and Rants

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OK, OK.  Maybe a couple of you have figured it out, but for the rest of you — lets talk about Spring 2015, Bedford Springs Resort. We talked about a lot back then. But what was the other project I was […]

Early Registration Deadline

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Remember – the early registration deadline is September 30th at 11:59pm, EST. 


I am hoping the you have seen the website and know about the great conference we are planning November 1-3. If not, Check out all […]